3 Ways to use the Gel Oil Milk Cleanser

description of the gel oil milk cleanser and three ways of using the SEB gel oil milk cleanser. It can be used as an oil cleanser, as a milk cleanser and also as a face mask for a nourishing treatment

The SEB Gel Oil Milk Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but especially dry skin because it is a nourishing and hydrating gel that turns into an oil and then a milky cleanser. 

The SEB Gel Oil Milk Cleanser is 100% natural and is in a recyclable plastic airless pump container to keep the product fresh and prevent you from contaminating the cleanser with your fingers or water when using. 

Like all SEB products the Gel Oil Milk Cleanser is packed with tropical ingredients like Organic Argan Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil. 

The clever sugar ingredient makes this gel oil turn to a creamy cleansing milk only when in contact with water – as if by magic! 

This product is unscented and is suitable for sensitive skin so it’s irritate your skin. 

What’s more is that there are 3 ways you can use this product: 

1. As a make-up & dirt remover

When to use: Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Gold Gel Oil Milk Cleanser is an emulsifying cleansing oil and is extremely effective at removing dirt, pollution and even waterproof makeup.

How?: Pump into fingers and apply to a dry face massaging into the skin especially the eyelashes to remove mascara. The oil will dissolve any makeup or dirt on the surface of the skin. Follow by splashing with warm water to remove the oil (the oil will turn into a creamy milk when the water touches it). You will be left with super clean and soft skin! 

2. As a creamy cleanser

Cleanse: When? Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Gold Gel Oil Milk Cleanser can be turned into a creamy milk which can be removed using a wash cloth or splashed off with water. 

How?: Wet your face with a splash of water first, then with damp hands pump the gel oil milk cleanser into your hands. Because your hands are wet the product will immediately turn to a creamy milk. Apply to your face, massaging in circular motions to get your skin super clean! Splash with tepid water to wash off and pat dry to reveal clean skin. 

3. As a treatment face mask 

When?: Once a week 

What?: The SEB Gold Gel Oil Milk Cleanser can be used as a treatment mask. Let the natural oils sink gently into the depth of the skin, hydrating and moisturising all in one go. 

How?: Pump into fingers and apply a thick layer of the gel oil milk cleanser onto dry skin. Let the oils sink in and after 10 minutes take a flannel and soak in warm water (don’t let it get too hot) then wring out excess water. Place the flannel on your face for about 10 seconds and let the steam emulsify the gel oil milk cleanser, then gently wipe off. The heat from the warm flannel will encourage the pores to open gently encouraging the oils to sink into the skin to make it super soft and comfortable. 

For best results follow with a couple of drops of the SEB Gold 23K Gold Elixir Face Oil and a dab of SEB Apothecary Healing Balm.

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Try the SEB Gel Oil Milk Cleanser

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The Gel Oil to Milk Cleanser is unscented and can be used as a pre cleanser to remove dirt, grime and even waterproof mascara. 

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