Simple 4 Step Skincare Routine

There is nothing more important than cleansing your skin to keep it clean and looking refreshed. 

If time is an issue then don’t worry this simple daily 4 step skincare routine will clean, hydrate and promote a natural glow. 

1. Pre Cleanse 

When to use: Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Gold Gel Oil Milk Cleanser is an emulsifying cleansing oil and is extremely effective at removing dirt, pollution and even waterproof makeup.

How?: Pump into fingers and apply to a dry face massaging into the skin especially the eyelashes to remove mascara. The oil will dissolve any makeup or dirt on the surface of the skin. Follow by splashing with warm water to remove the oil (the oil will turn into a creamy milk when the water touches it). You will be left with super clean and soft skin! 

2. Cleanse 

Cleanse: When? Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Gold Rose Face Wash is a gentle gel that cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils

How?: Wet your face with a splash of water first then add the gel into damp hands and massage onto wet face. Apply to your face, massaging in circular motions to get your skin super clean! Splash with tepid water to wash off and pat dry to reveal clean skin. 

3. Hydrate

When?: Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Gold 23k Gold Elixir Face Oil is a very light oil that will not block your pores but it will act as a super hydrator. It is so powerful that you don’t even need a moisturiser as this works better than a moisturiser. 

How?: Shake the bottle. Use the dropper and place three to four drops of oil directly on the face (this is so that the gold doesn’t get absorbed in your hands first). Massage you face in upward motions and don’t forget your neck. You will notice an immediate glow and skin will feel super nourished. 

4. Nourish

When?: Morning & Evening

What?: The SEB Apothecary Healing Balm is a nourishing balm that will add an extra layer of nourishment to the skin without blocking the pores. 

How?: Take a dab of the healing balm (pea sized) into your fingers and rub in your hands to warm up. The texture will feel grainy but this is just the beeswax (which naturally hardens when the balm is cold), once warmed up it will release the beeswax properties to soothe and protect the skin. Massage into face in upward motions, not forgetting the neck! 

Once you have completed your simple skincare routine you can then leave your face as is with it’s natural glow or apply your makeup as normal! 

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