Which hair oil should I use?

dry scalp and hair treatment

Your hair goes through a lot, it gets brushed, washed, tied up and let down to freely flow in the wind.

Oiling your hair helps to maintain the health and strength of your hair.

First of all what is hair oiling? It involves pouring oil into your hair and scalp massaging as you go. It puts nutrients and vitamins back into your hair that get stripped away when washing.

Different oils helps different hair conditions.



I have done the hard work for you and have made an oil to help a dry itchy scalp. It will encourage hair growth and leave your hair shiny and thick.

Try the SEB Spa Hair Scalp Treatment because your hair deserves a spa too!

Top Tip: warm the oil either in your hands before applying (rub your hands to warm the oil up), or place the bottle in a water bath (a bowl filled with warm, not hot water) and let the oils warm up naturally then apply to the scalp and hair. For best results use a scalp massager to help spread the oils in your hair.

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