Mangroves in Mauritius in the sea

When I first started SEB it was because I was trying to create natural skincare products to help me with my skin, but I also found it to be a creative outlet to help me feel better about myself whilst in the depths of depression. It distracted my mind and helped me feel better. As the years have gone by the true meaning and purpose of the brand has come to the surface, particularly in the last few weeks.

Many of you know that SEB is inspired by my love of plants, and a very special island…

Nestled in the middle of a coral reef in the Indian Ocean lies a pearl – the magnificent island of Mauritius.

Known for its sugar cane fields, fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island is also home to 311 endemic tropical plants.

The island’s lagoons, mountains, reefs and mangroves provide a canvas for imagination and creativity from the colours to the ingredients that are poured into every SEB product.

In the 1960s both my parents, made the journey from Mauritius to the UK to study Nursing. Their resilience and determination allowed them to overcome adversity and challenges. Resilience is a very strong trait that runs through generations of our family since the 1800s.

I was born in the UK and growing up my parents would cook traditional Mauritian cuisine educating me about their own heritage using ingredients like Moringa and Karela.

Throughout my life whenever I have felt upset or sad (mostly when broken hearted) I have gone back home and waiting for me would be my parents and home cooked food. A reminder that nothing else mattered and with the food came comfort, happiness and that crucial generational reminder of resilience and that no matter what came my way I would conquer it. I always left home feeling boosted and re-energised.

SEB products reflect this exact feeling: comfort, happiness and resilience – the feeling of humble power and confidence. Each SEB product is inspired by the vegetables I ate and it reminds me that no matter whatever problem I face I will overcome it. This is exactly what I want you to feel when you smooth the healing balm onto your skin or feel the drops of Elixir on your face.

Feel the magic of SEB to restore your comfort and happiness and always know that you can overcome anything.

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