Bath Bomb Advent Calendar 2022

Heart shaped bath bombs with rose petals and lavender petals with pink crystal

Sshhh, can you hear that gentle sizzle? 

Bath bomb season is finally upon us, as the evenings start getting darker earlier and the gentle sweet summer breeze is turning to a cool splash of water it’s time to start warming up in the bath. 

When I designed SEB Bath Bombs the main aim was to develop a line that didn’t: 

  • Make my skin itch or cause inflammation – in particular in the creases of my arms and backs of my knees;
  • Develop a urinary tract infection; and 
  • Mean I spent an hour cleaning/scrubbing the bath to get rid of the colours!
Mini bath bombs against natural flower petals
Natural bath bombs that won’t make your skin itchy

All SEB Bath Bombs are as natural as possible, only coloured with natural colours from fruit powders or flower petals and scented with organic floral waters and essential oils. 

What’s more is that all bath bombs contain Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles and are flowing with organic body butters to moisturise your skin. 

Backed by existing customer testimonials I am proud to say that my aim was achieved, just take a look at what some of these lovely customers have said about SEB Bath Bombs.

Lavender & Coconut Milk drop bath bomb customer review
Bath Bombs that don’t cause your skin to get irritated

Take some time out and enjoy a bath bomb selection and why not indulge in a SEB Bath Bomb Advent Calendar which features a daily 20g Bath Bomb throughout December (well you could start earlier if you wanted!)

Let’s look at each of the bath bombs in the Advent Calendar line up! 

Called the Pink because it features real red roses which are often pink in colour when they are dried, pink Himalayan salts to detoxify the body and Geranium Bourbon essential oil which is a pink fragrant flower.

Packed with Epsom and Himalayan salts this bath bomb when fizzed away doubles up as a bath salt experience. Gently inhale the Geranium Bourbon essential oil and Organic Rose Water to lift your mood and attract love to your life. It is the perfect bath bomb for self love and hear healing. Whilst relaxing in the bath repeat “I am love and love is me” as an affirmation.

Drops of heaven, exotic and super relaxing, drift away to the land of Cleopatra who is famous for having a “milk” bath to soften the skin. Melt away with the organic Jojoba butter, a hypoallergenic (which means it won’t cause skin irritation) and feel your body unwind with this indulgent bath bomb.

Lavender petals will gently be released as the drops fizz in the warm milky coconut milk water releasing a scent so sensual and relaxing you will definitely be ready for bed. 

Let the coconut milk help to soften your skin and lock in moisture. 

Called the Musketeer because of its deep woodsy scent thanks to the Patchouli essential oil. 

Patchouli helps ease irritated skin including acne and even dry skin. Deeply breathe in the musky scent to melt away stress. Patchouli is known to stimulate serotonin which is the happy hormone, so if you are feeling sad this will help you feel happier. 

Made with Manuka Honey Organic Floral Water this bath bomb is perfect for anyone that might have acne on their back as this natural antiseptic helps to gently calm the skin in hard to reach areas. 

Softening and hydrating organic Olive Butter finishes this bath bomb off to make it a beautiful uplifting and nourishing bath time experience.

It might be the start of autumn but who says you can’t bring a little bit of the summer to your bath time ritual.

Designed to take you to a tropical island like Mauritius, the natural yellow colour thanks to mango powder will remind you of sandy beaches, sunshine on your face and a pineapple & coconut cocktail. Can you feel the warmth? 

This bath bomb oozes organic mango butter which is packed with vitamin C which helps to build strong, healthy and resilient skin. 

A sprinkle of dried chopped Hibiscus petals helps to keep dull skin at bay as the warm water helps to release Hibiscus exfoliating properties in the water whilst also firming up the skin. 

Release your inner Queen status and bathe in a sea of petals from Rose, Marigold, Chamomile and Lavender. 

Juniper berry essential oil is an antioxidant and can help to regenerate the skin and is an excellent antiseptic for the skin. It also cleanses the air and helps to remove any negative feelings and helps you become and feel more grounded. 

Let the organic Shea butter soften into your skin – massage your skin with the butter and the petals to delicately scent your skin.

Finish off this beautiful bath ritual with a sprinkling of Himalayan Salts to detoxify your skin, mind and body. 

Let bath season commence!

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