Plant an Ebony Tree in Mauritius with me

Founder of skincare brand planting an endangered ebony tree in the jungle in Mauritius

Travel deep into the forest with me to the Ebony Forest in Mauritius and hold an endangered Ebony tree in your hands.

Many companies plant trees for every customer order, which is wonderful, but I want to be more hands-on and plant the trees myself! What better site than Mauritius, the jewel of the Indian Ocean and the inspiration behind SEB, to plant a tree, particularly an endangered one.

Ebony tree planted in the ground brown soil


The Ebony tree produces one of the world’s most valuable and dense woods, but tragically, deforestation is reducing the world’s supply.

During my most recent visit September 2022 I really wanted to give back to the island because its mountains, lagoons, and jungles provide such an incredible, abundant source of inspiration for SEB.

The process of planting an Ebony tree helped me to understand my true mission in life as well as the significance of SEB as a skincare company.

Throughout my life, whenever things became tough, I would always fly to Mauritius. I would return reenergized and prepared for the next chapter and almost always I would be greeted with new beginnings following these trips.

I didn’t really understand why I would feel strong upon returning until I realised that the island somehow renewed me, making me braver, more resilient, and nearly invincible.

These characteristics may be found in every SEB product, especially the distinctive component kouraz.

At the end of every visit or video call, my Grandma (who still lives in Mauritius) always says these words to me, “prends kouraz” which translates to “take courage”.

My family struggled and persevered for generations while travelling from India to Mauritius to the UK. It is this strength, power and courage I have running in me and through me and why I have survived every operation, every heartbreak and every mental breakdown. I take courage with me always and somehow have the power to keep going.

SEB is more than just a natural skincare brand; it stands for the bravery, tenacity, and survival instincts that exist in each of us.

The beautiful colours hues and uplifting essential oils used in SEB serve as reminders to you that better days are always ahead and that you possess the strength and capability to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

When I began SEB I had no idea the journey it would lead me on, but now that it’s all starting to make sense, as SEB develops, I want you to come along with me on this journey of courage and resilience and help you discover your inner strength.

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