The revenge colour…

All you need is a revenge colour…I spent six years of not really seeing any colour, I remember most things were grey and I recall a friend who visited me say “you need to stop wearing black” it’s words that at the time I felt were an attack, but on reflection were probably key words in my recovery. Let me explain why.

It took six years of psychiatric help, counselling, medication and two psychiatric hospital stays for me to recover from severe depression.

The reason why most products have a yellow, orange or gold aspect to them is because these colours make me happy. It makes up for all the times when all I could see was grey.

Yellow for me is the colour of complete happiness, it makes me feel more creative, it makes me smile and reminds me of the hot sun on my face and body.

I have always been someone who finds comfort in making other people happy. I hope the yellow, orange and gold hues can make you as happy as it makes me.

Orange reminds me of the evenings when after family dinner my father would cut oranges, mangoes or pineapples for us to enjoy once we had cleared the kitchen. Orange and Mandarin essential oils are featured in the Healing Balm and the 23k Gold Elixir Face oil because it reminds me of my father; his big hugs and comfort that even now, at almost 40 years old, is all I want when I am upset.

I have been able to move myself from the grey of live to the vibrancy of golden hues with hard work, dedication and love for myself. It is this vibrancy I want you to experience with all SEB, soon to be Kouraz Skincare products.  

With effort, commitment, and love for myself, I have been able to transform my life from its grey tones into one that is vibrant and full of golden hues. I want you to feel this vitality when using all SEB, soon to be Kouraz Skincare, products.

I still wear black, but the only difference now is that is always laced with a splash of vibrant colour.

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