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Take a look at the SEB Bestsellers ranging from the soothing SEB Apothecary Healing Balm, relaxing and kind to sensitive skin SEB Lavender & Coconut Milk Drops to gentle exfoliating Sweet Orange & Bamboo cleansing scrub bar.

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Lavender & Coconut Milk Drops

Are you worried to use bath bombs because they make your skin inflamed and itchy? The SEB Lavender & Coconut Milk drops contain Organic Jojoba Butter which is hypoallergenic meaning that they are super gentle and kind to sensitive skin. 

Bathe like Cleopatra in a bath tub of milk and inhale the relaxing lavender essential oils with the added Epsom salts to soothe tired and sore muscles. The perfect remedy for a good night’s sleep. 


Sweet Orange & Bamboo Bar

A handmade organic soap made with Bamboo Powder to give it an exfoliating texture. The beauty of this cleansing bar is that it is exfoliating on one side and smooth on another.