Hello from the Founder!

Welcome to SEB a world of natural, handmade and nourishing beauty products. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin with beautifully handmade products using natural ingredients. All products will make you feel calm, relaxed and cared for.

The concept behind SEB started in 2015, pictured are some early attempts at soap making! I had a dream about making soap and started researching how to make soap using only natural ingredients.


Since 2015…

I decided to take my knowledge of the skin one step further and qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2015.

I wanted to understand the skin better and how to look after it in a professional way. I am also a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers giving you peace of mind that all SEB products are Cosmetic Safety Assessed. 

I personally struggled with my skin having spent all my teenage years with Acne Rosacea and not being able to find a remedy to help me. I have used this experience to develop my formulas and help anyone else who might suffer from acne prone skin. I still have some breakouts and whenever I do I use the SEB Apothecary Healing Balm which clears it up! 

I also have super sensitive skin and can’t use any highly perfumed or artificially coloured products such as bath bombs so I created my own that are gentle on the most sensitive of skins. 




Inspired by Tropical 

I am very interested in plants, especially tropical plants and I have a large selection of tropical plants that I have grown from seed, these include Lychees, Mangoes, Avocado, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera and Passion Fruit.

I watch how the seeds grow and it helps me get closer to the natural ingredients that I use in my formulations. 

All formulations are unique and are tried, tested and cosmetically certified.



I am here for you

If you would like recommendations or have any questions about SEB products then please let me know.